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kèo bóng đá hôm nay Concerned Christians Canada and the zoo

“It’s not my favourite way of going about it, but we can approach the zoo to see if they are willing to put up, for example, a Noah’s ark or perhaps other artifacts from other faiths.” Jim Blake Concerned Christians Canada re: Calgary zoo elephant statue This letter is an official protest on the part [...]

Canada’s C Street. Holy Pancakes

I’d? like to read Jeff Sharlet’s best seller: The Family and hope to get my hands on a copy eventually. For a Canadian slant have a look at Canada’s C Street. Holy Pancakes at A Creative Revolution. As I mentioned in the title, we have our own “C Street” or “Family” here too. And they [...]

kèo bóng đá hôm nay The Cry…of the misled?

Religious Right Alert has featured posts on dominionism over the past couple of months. Dominionism is a literist extra-biblical? belief common in neo-pentecostal circles, and is most visible in Canada in?a seemingly benign independent event called TheCry. This site has previously?explored Canadian? dominionism??and it’s expression?through TheCry.? What we haven’t done is provide an inside? look. [...]