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Karl Rove, Grant Jeffrey Headlined Summit Hosted By CUFI Canada Co-Chair

Rachel ?Tabachnick ?July 2010. Used by permission. All rights reserved. This summit took place on June 25 -27 and is old news, but since it failed to make it into U.S. media, I think it is worth noting. Also, the blurring of the lines between end times prophecy and foreign policy will continue with the [...]

Timothy Bloedow’s Christian Government website becomes Christian Governance

Timothy Bloedow, legislative assistant to Reform-Conservative MP Maurice Vellacott, ?former director of Equipping Evangelicals for the Public Square and former Christian Heritage Party of Canada candidate is ramping up his political activism “for?promoting explicitly Christian culture and governance.” In May Bleodow changed his website Christian Government to Christian?Governance: ChristianGovernance is pursuing a two-fold purpose: 1) [...]

Demographic winter and the religious right

Dennis Gruending 2010. Used by permission. All rights reserved. Recently I received an email message urging me to read and then pass it along if I want to save Western civilization. The subject line said: Joys of A Muslim Woman: A MUST READ. Actually, it was not about joy at all but was an alarmist [...]