About Us

Religious Right Alert is written and run?by a volunteer group of bloggers from across Canada.

We come from different political and religious backgrounds and share a common interest in observing? religious/socio/political intersections, interactions and involvements in Canada. Religious Right Alert has been set up to compile and comment on posts?Canadian bloggers have published over the years, as well as traditional media articles.

There has not been a general site in Canada as yet recognizing the observations and hard work done by? bloggers. While sites such as Religious Tolerance do an excellent job in explaining theology and beliefs, we are attempting to bring together a vast body of work already done by many.

water-rocks-sparkles-copyWe will be compiling, commenting and staying current on the movement??of religious right groups and individuals across the country and their ties to the larger movement in the US and across the world.
This??is a larger effort than the four bloggers who are setting up this site, and we welcome volunteers, submissions, posts and tips.

Meet the set up team

Leighton Tebay. Leighton?runs Prairie Fusion, works IT for a Mennonite College, and is raising his family in Saskatchewan.
LT blogs at The Heresy, and Covering and Authority.

Bene Diction is an online name used by a former broadcast journalist.
BD started co-blogging in Australia with writer Martin Roth,? wrote for the US aggregator??blogs4God, and contributed to connexions, a Methodist blog in Wales. As well BD?edited at Spero News and can be found at Bene Diction Blogs On.

Dave is a history student and writer currently living in Ottawa, specializing in Canadian environmental and diplomatic history. He currently blogs on religion and politics issues at Terrible Depths.